Volunteer Information Booklet

If you are considering applying for Yearoutindia Voluntary Programs, the following topics should answer any questions you have about applying and deciding which program to be a part of.

Easy Steps To Volunteering

  • Select the type of program that you feel you can play a positive and active role in.
  • Check your calendar. Select the volunteering program dates most convenient for you.
  • Submit your application via the apply link, or call a volunteer coordinator via our free UK call back service by calling 0845 463 1571 and leaving a message along with your contact number, or fill out a secure online application forms or contact your university/in-country coordinators. We have coordinators in most countries like US, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia etc.
  • We will send you all the additional documents you need to complete the registration and NGO employment/volunteer contract . Upon receiving the requested information, we will accept and process your application.
  • Renew your passport, if required, and make your travel arrangements. You can use your own travel agency, or we can refer you to a travel agent.
  • Pay the balance of your program fee 30 days (4 Weeks) prior to placement start date.

Choosing the right program for you:

Yearoutindia website has been designed to provide a detailed description of our volunteering programs, philosophy and work ethics. Please take time to read through the website before you choose any of our programs.

Choosing the Type of Volunteering:

Yearoutindia has five main types of programs. These include Reach and Teach programs, Caring for the orphans, Community development programs, Medical Volunteering and conservation programs. These programs have been developed with close cooperation and assistance of the local NGO’s, local bodies, local charitable and service organisations. All volunteering programs provide information about the critical need for volunteer services, the type of work, and any special skills that may be required. No particular skills are necessary in the majority of our service programs. Everyone can be of service. Additional information is available by filling out our contact form or by calling a volunteer coordinator at 0845 463 1571.

Choosing the right Yearoutindia program

Our program particulars give a brief description of the community, our host, work projects, food, lodging and travel, and possible free-time activities in each area.

Our programs are scheduled throughout the year and run for 2-4 weeks, 5-8 weeks, 9-12 weeks and more depending on the individual program and location. For details on our programs, please follow this link to upcoming volunteering program dates. Additional information is available by filling out our contact form or by calling a Yearoutindia volunteer coordinator at 0845 463 1571 (UK).

Choosing the right Program Conditions

The activities, facilities, and geography vary widely from program site to site. For example, at some locations volunteers stay in very comfortable hotels, while at other sites the lodging is Spartan and physically challenging. Please read through the individual program carefully for details program condition. Please note that each site is unique and conditions sometimes change. If you have any questions at all, call a Yearoutindia volunteer coordinator at 0845 463 1571 (UK) or fill out our contact form.

Choosing program duration

Yearoutindia programs fees range from £580 (GPB) for 4 weeks to £1350 (GPB) ALL INCLUSIVE for 12 weeks and accommodates nearly everyone’s budget. The volunteering program fees are listed on the corresponding program pages of this web site. Airfare is not included in the service program fee. Due to currency fluctuations, fees are subject to minor changes. See “What’s Included” for a thorough description of what’s included in the program fees.

Travel options and Travel Finance

You make your own travel arrangements to the designated airport. We will refer you to a travel agency if you so indicate on your application. Once you have chosen a program, please inform us of your travel details so as to enable us to make the necessary arrangements for you pickup and local conveyances. Our coordinator will meet and greet you on arrival and take you to the YOI Office at Kochi.

Managing your travel finance is crucial when planning your volunteer placement. The Finance Travel website should be your first point of call if you are planning a trip or taking a holiday. This site will give accurate and relevant information on how you can save money while abroad. Most trips are planned in advance and the same careful planning should be used with your travel finances. Please visit Finance Travel for more info.

Travel alone, as couples or in groups

Volunteers can travel alone or as couples or small groups. Those travelling independently find that it gives them certain freedoms and its fun and a fulfilling way to travel. Couples are accommodated in most of our programs. Some sites’ accommodations will provide more privacy than others. Please contact a Yearoutindia volunteer coordinator at 0845 463 1571 (UK) or fill out our contact form for further clarification.

In most cases, no special skills are necessary to be a volunteer

Volunteering only requires a big heart, compassion, willingness to contribute and the desire make a difference. Please do not second-guess your ability to be of genuine service. While people with special skills are always needed, host communities do not generally request individuals with specific academic or professional backgrounds. The service project is a vehicle by which the volunteers and local people can get to know each other and celebrate the differences in personalities, cultures, lifestyle and ethnicity. Any flexible and open-minded person can make a genuine contribution through any of our programs.

You do not need to know the local language

It is not necessary to speak the local language. Basic language instruction in the form of simple greetings and questions is offered as a part of every team at sites where English is not spoken. During your application process we will ask you for a detailed skill list. This will help our staff to select and allocate programs that best use your skills.


We can schedule dates according to your specialised needs for School, College and University volunteering groups. This is an unmatched opportunity to enrich the agenda of Universities and College classes, professional associations and alumni groups. Yearoutindia Volunteer programs provide a human development framework within which participants can serve, learn, have fun and improve human relations skills, including teamwork, problem-solving and consensus-building. Added to this is the individual’s opportunity to improve cultural sensitivity and pursue personal discovery.

Health/medical and trip cancellation insurance

In case of any medical emergency, volunteers will be moved to a one of the best hospitals in Kochi. This hospital is internationally renowned and has all the modern facilities and doctors to provide all the care that is needed. Yearoutindia staff will help make arrangements for you to be transported to this medical facility. In addition, Yearoutindia strongly recommends that you purchase separate health and medical insurance that will cover you during the service program and trip cancellation insurance to cover you in the event you must cancel on short notice.