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Yearoutindia is looking for volunteers to intern at the YOI office and project sites in Kerala, South India. Interns will be involved in planning, designing and managing YOI projects. Interns will also coordinate volunteers from all over the world and their activities at the various project sites across Kerala, South India. YOI Internship is an immersive internship within our projects and our partner non-governmental organizations working on various grassroots sustainable development issues. This service-learning internship is a chance for students to work with local organization, such as an NGOs, schools, special schools and other organizations focused on teaching & sustainable development projects. This is a chance for students to gain working knowledge and to apply what they have learned to a specific project and problem.

About the Internship

We prefer that students work at least 25 hours per week to "learn the ropes" and become productive quickly. We try to work closely with a student's college or university to arrange for academic credit when possible. Volunteer intern will have the opportunity to experience working in an active environment and get to interact with volunteers from all over the world. Interns will be like volunteers themselves, but will have to coordinate affairs of other volunteers at various project sites. As part of the placement, interns will have the added benefit of travelling to Yearoutindia project sites set within remote and beautiful rural locations. This is a unique opportunity to learn a wide array of important skills which will enchance your CV and expand you knowledge base. As an intern, you will be staying on at various project site from time to time and will build a close working relationship with the community including the families who we work with. You will also work closely with other volunteers and YOI staff, giving you the chance to gain extensive knowledge of new cultures and perhaps even languages. In addition you will enjoy the unique experience of working in the beautiful area surrounding the beautiful Western Ghat Mountain Ranges. Volunteer Interns will be provided with accommodation, food & water at all project sites, and YOI will pay for all project related travel and expenses. Interns will get to do a wide array of tasks including Managing and coordinating volunteers from all over the world, Manging Projects, Desk Top Publishing, Website design and updating, administration, accounting, fundraising, advertising and host of related activities. Typically, interns combine their placement with the opportunity to travel around South India. Kerala is among the top 50 recommended destinations of a lifetime as per the National Geographic magazine.


In terms of the qualifications of the prospective intern, we primarily want an enthusiastic person, self motivated and honest individual who is a quick learner. Volunteer work experience is not necessary for this role, although an understanding and interest in Yearoutindias’ ongoing projects and ethos is essential. Overall, we believe that the right student would find the substance of our work very interesting and fulfilling, and it would be a mutually beneficial experience. It will give an insight into working in an emerging economy and understand the working culture, way of life and intricacies of Indian social and business scene. To apply, please send a resume and also fill out our online application form - selecting "Volunteer Intern" as the program. Please include when you will be available for a telephone interview / in-person interview.

This internship will greatly benefit the projects we work at and also has much to offer the intern:

  • A unique opportunity to plan, design, manage and implement community development projects in rural South india.
  • Work at various renovation, building, sanitation, medical and teaching project across Kerala.
  • The satisfaction of helping to plan, manage and complete community development program.
  • The joy of working in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Western Ghat Mountain ranges.
  • A chance to build life-long friendships with people from all walks of life.
  • A chance to improve your DIY skills!
  • An unique opportunity to pick up new skills and do a wide array of tasks including Managing and coordinating volunteers from all over the world, Manging Projects, Desk Top Publishing, Website design and updating, administration, accounting, fundraising, advertising and host of related activities.

* Just as volunteeering, Internship placements require Interns to be resourceful, committed, self motivated and will definitely involve long hours of work with plenty of excitement and fun. You will be involved in planning, organising, building and other volunteering activities with the help of our volunteers, local labourers and members of the community. Please note that some project area are remote and only basic facilities will be provided by Yearoutindia. Amenities like Internet, ATM's, Mobile Phone reception, Fax etc are only available at the closest town which are about 1/2 hour to 2 hours away depending on the project site.


You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the YOI.
This is an opportunity to create positive impact and being a significant force for achieving peace and development.
Make a difference to the lives of many!