About Us - Our Policy

Yearoutindia aims to represent, support and facilitate community development programs/projects in south India through professional and well planned volunteering programs. We are committed to direct involvement in local communities and environment conservation programs. We aim to assist volunteers to come together for a common purpose, to promote and develop local volunteering and voluntary action and to enable local people to benefit directly from such activities. We constantly strive to develop our strategies and methodologies to ensure harmony between visiting volunteers and local social, culture and natural environment.

  • We aim to work together with a strong team of international volunteers and local staff to engage, uplift and empower the communities we support through education, health care initiatives and community building projects.
  • Through our volunteers, the local communities get direct economic and sustainable benefits.
  • We aim to contribute in all ways possible for wildlife and forest conservation activities in the areas we operate.
  • We brief our volunteers with advice & information about the local culture, traditions & values thereby encouraging respect and understanding for the community’s social & cultural values.
  • We ensure that our volunteers and staff interactions with the local and indigenous communities are in accordance with their traditions and culture.
  • We ensure that our volunteers receive comprehensive pre-project briefings and orientation before they volunteer on-site.
  • We aim to monitor our impact on communities, their ecosystems & local cultures. We actively promote local traditions & cultural activities.
  • To minimise the impact on the community’s social & cultural values and the environment, the numbers of our volunteers are regulated.
  • We make sure that the natural environment of the areas we work is not disturbed by our presence and activities.
  • We aim to instill in our volunteers an understanding and appreciation of the culture and environment in which they travel and work by encouraging activities that are socially, culturally and environmentally conscientious.