Yearoutindia Support facilities

Yearoutindia will provide a reliable support structure for all its volunteers during their stay in the country. Volunteers can rely on Yearoutindia staff for advice before, during and after their programs. To ensure volunteers have a safe, problem free and memorable time during their stay in India, yearoutindia will provide a full briefing on safety guidelines, health, hygiene, cultural and environmental issues. The availability of a solid support structure will enable volunteers to feel assured and secure during their stay in India. This also gives assurance and peace of mind to your family members and friends back home in the UK about your stay in India.

The yearoutindia base from which all volunteers operate from will have all the basic amenities and comforts. Volunteers can contact staff 24x7 in case of any queries or concerns. Yearoutindia staff will ensure that all concerns are addressed immediately or at the earliest. Yearoutindia base camp will have 24 hour internet access (chargeable as per usage), access to telephone to call home (calling cards will be available), postal facilities, mobile phone chargers, supplies of bottled mineral water etc, etc.

An on call Doctor and Nurse will be available at the yearoutindia base camp for any medical advice or emergencies.

Other facilities provided include

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Ground Transport
  • Project material and equipment
  • Travel & Tourism related services through our
  • trusted partner: Beyond Frontier Tourism Services
  • Online chat and free call back service from UK
  • Access to clothing, travel and outdoor equipment at reasonable prices.

Yearoutindia staff will ensure that your stay with us in India is safe, enjoyable and a memorable one !