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University/College and School Groups

Yearoutindia is a grassroots organisation working with tribal communities and disadvantaged people in the Western Ghats of India. We are involved in improving sanitation and housing conditions through small scale building projects. Yearoutindia's sanitation project at this site aims is to build permanent toilets with running water facilities throughout the tribal settlements on a need to need basis. There is an estimated need for 150 toilets in the Mannan tribal settlements alone. Yearoutindia has built more than hundred toilets to date including toilets for the tribal nursery and local clinic.

We have successfully hosted numerous university teams from England/UK, France and most recently Maine University - US, Ryerson University - Canada. If you would like to hear from our previous teams about their experience, we will be happy to put you in touch with Team Leaders or University contacts. Teama take on custom made development and combined projects depending on team size and the duration they are available. The university/college/school team projects are run through out the year. Project are very popular during university/college/school breaks so please contact us to find out about projects and availability. We have found that University and College groups have really helped our organisation take on some amazing project with the help of very dedicated students from all over the world. Groups are able to take on some of our large and multiple projects at various prestine locations in South India.

University/ College Group Overview

For university and college groups for 10 or more participants, Yearoutindia will allocate an experienced coordinator based in UK to plan your group project from the very start. Yearoutindia coordinators will work with the group/team leaders to plan every aspect of the trip from organising:

  • Employment Visas for India
  • Low cost Flights
  • All Accommodations in India (including travel after the project)
  • All Ground Transportation
  • Risk Management and Financial Protection
  • Support in an emergency
  • Low deposits and flexible payment terms
  • Team and project Information

Our experienced coordinators will arrange face to face meetings where possible with Yearoutindia coordinators in UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Your dedicated coordinator will help plan and help create a custom package for your team and/or help with any individual aspect of the group trip. Our previous university and college team leaders will be able to speak to you and share their experience and tip to help you in the process. Please contact us with your University/College/School team requirements via the contact us pages.

Please contact us with your University/College/School team requirements via the contact us pages.


You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the YOI.
This is an opportunity to create positive impact and being a significant force for achieving peace and development.
Make a difference to the lives of many!