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Reach and Teach

Through Yearoutindia Reach & Teach programs in rural villages across Kerala, you can get involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities. Volunteers help in taking normal classes, assisting the teaching staff, conducting extracurricular activities like clay modeling, painting, drawing, singing, art & drama, dancing, group work, games or other similar activities. Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated in these rural schools and will be a refreshing change to existing curriculum. These schools are carefully selected by YOI volunteers as they deserve a long term planned development program. These schools are always located in rural communties and have limited resources, both infrastructure and staff.

Volunteers can take up projects depending on the needs of the schools. Almost all schools we support have need for infrastructure development and/or renovations. Volunteers can do a combination of both teaching and renovation/building work at the project they choose to work at. Please discuss this with your coordinators while applying so that we can best use you at site that needs it most. If you're a native English speaker or with some teaching experience, you can be a valuable resource in these village classrooms. With your English skills you could teach proper English pronunciation and usage. Even if you've never formally taught a classroom subject, you can assist the local teachers in their day to day work at the school. You don't need to know the local language, or the methods of the local school system. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge and make a difference.